Richa Pardhan Exclusive Interview – “I was used to give 8-10 auditions a day”
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Richa Pradhan is an indian actress and a fashion blogger. She has worked in Tv serial, ads and music videos. TheCelebrity.Online has recently interviewed this glamorous figure for the website. Below is the question and answer session we had with Ms. Richa Pradhan.

TheCelebrity.Online: How was your Child hood to adulthood transition ?

Richa Pradhan: As a child I was very shy and calm kid until my teenage and during my adulthood when I started to work I learned a lot from people, environment and become confident about myself and entered how to be glam, classy and carry myself well.

TheCelebrity.Online: What were your struggles throughout your career and life?

Richa Pradhan: Initially I had to struggle about making contacts in the industry, figuring out a genuine casting and once found genuine production house I was used to give 8-10 auditions a day, and started getting work.

TheCelebrity.Online: What are the things that people do not know about you?

Richa Pradhan: I’m kind and believes in humanity and that is my nature. I like helping people as much as I can. I believe in ‘Humanity first’.

TheCelebrity.Online: Tell us about your family and affection?

Richa Pradhan: I have following memebers in my family: my mom, dad, brother and sister. My mom and dad, both are working and my siblings are studying.

TheCelebrity.Online: What makes you different from competitors?

Richa Pradhan: I don’t compete with anyone, I compete with myself, I don’t have jealousy in my dictionary, I believe that everyone deserve the work as per their acting and skills.

TheCelebrity.Online: What are your lessons learnt in life?

Richa Pradhan: To help needy ones and be the helping hand that is what god want from us. Be human and do your responsibilities.

TheCelebrity.Online: What are some of your biggest achievements?

Richa Pradhan: I have got lots of love for my character in a serial PhirLautAayiNaagin as Poo. Also I have been invited as a chief guest in CA institute of Mumbai and giving speech on women’s day to empower women infront of 100 influential people was an amazing experience. Moreover, I have got 3 awards this year in total.


TheCelebrity.Online: Major upcoming events/ unforgettable moment ?

Richa Pradhan: Right now we are discussing to work in some brilliant TV Serial and music videos.

TheCelebrity.Online: What kind of people do you like to interact?

Richa Pradhan: I always want and love to interact with people who are intellectual, kind and has clean heart. Also, those whom words speaks through actions.

TheCelebrity.Online: What is your physical profile, attributes and sizes?

Richa Pradhan:

  • Height – 5’4″
  • Weight – 50kg
  • Bust – 32″
  • Waist – 28″
  • Hips – 34″
  • Hair – Light brown
  • Eyes – Light brown
  • Skin – Wheatish

TheCelebrity.Online: What expert advice you want to share with our readers?

Richa Pradhan: Work hard, work smart, never give up on your dreams, give your best and wait. You will definitely fulfill your dreams and be yourself.

TheCelebrity.Online: What are your social media links?

Richa Pradhan: I am more active on Instagram

Here is my official instagram handle: @RichaPradhan01

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