Ibrahim Murat Gündüz had a romantic dinner with famous singer Nil Karataş at Novikov Restaurant
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Ibrahim Murat gündüz, well-known to the sports community, one of Turkey’s famous businessmen and the vice president of the Turkish Muay Tay federation, has been absent for a long time after his divorce from his wife.

After a long time, İbrahim Murat Gündüz was seen with his new girlfriend at the Mandarin Oriental bosphorus istanbul hotel, at the famous restaurant novikov, where world-famous Italian and Far Eastern dishes are served.

The new lover of İbrahim Murat Gündüz is the well-known vocalist of Turkey, Nil Karataş.

Nil karataş is both a violin virtuoso and a stage performer with a beautiful voice.

İbrahim Murat Gündüz’s ex-girlfriend was a very important popular lawyer and also a business woman in Turkey.

İbrahim Murat Gündüz, who found happiness with the artist Nil Karataş after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, posed for happiness with his new lover.

The couple, who seem very compatible with each other, spent a wonderful and romantic night on the Bosphorus at Novikov Restaurant.

The couple, who fell in love with the magnificent view of the Bosphorus, looked really happy.

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