Devin Millar – The Cutest Boy in the music industry? 
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With the rise of gender norms becoming a relic of the past for artists in the music industry, there is someone who is partially responsible for that.

Devin Millar

He is Devin Millar. He is known for his hit songs “Hoody” and “BFD” among many others which have charted all over the world. He is making his mark on the world as being the world’s first actively crossdressing singer. 

Devin started out as being a humble Electronic dance music DJ who once wore a fedora hat, and was going to high school at the age of 14. But now has taken a new direction and has become an innocent kid trapped in an adult’s body. Looking at how he looks, he wears many outfits which pay homage to childhood innocence, and his music pays tribute to the dying Bubblegum Pop genre. His combines old and new Dance genres to inspire people to appreciate these genres today. 

Devin also wishes to end double standards which causes many artists to feel held back and misunderstood when attempting to do the same things other people get praised for. His style is part of this mission.