Brussels To Sanction The Transfer Of Migrants Soon
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Brussels creates a blacklist of airlines to sanction transfers of migrants orchestrated by third countries.

Airlines or shipping companies that participate in trips to European borders such as those encouraged by Belarus will lose access to the Community market.

The European Commission has approved this Tuesday a sanctions regime specifically aimed at punishing companies that, intentionally or not, participate in the artificial creation of migration crises along the borders of the EU.

The new blacklist was born in response to the transfer of migrants orchestrated by the Belarusian leader, Alexandr Lukashenko, to destabilize Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. And it comes after successive attempts to deliberately provoke migration crises by neighbors such as Turkey, Libya or Morocco.

Unlike other sanctioning regimes in Brussels

The new one does not require a direct link between the sanctioned company and its intention to attack the EU. It will be enough for a company’s services to be used by an aggressive regime for it to be sanctioned, even if it simply limits itself to maintaining its normal operations.

Once the new regime comes into force, the transport companies employed to start this trafficking in persons will be exposed to their activities on the Community market prohibited.