Artist Mi Love Host of Make Me Laugh and Wild Greens – That’s MI –  Aug 24, 2022
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It’s no secret that Mi Love (Millenniumladylove) is a talented musician and fashion designer. She dedicates her whole life to her music, film, art, and design and never fails to surprise her fans with her creativity and designs.

Millennium Lady Love

Mi has launched the summer’s “That’s Mi” album to her discography. DJ Ice, often known as “African Diddy,” and BHGP created this album for Mi. In addition, you may listen to her on Prime Music’s “Make Me Laugh,” a program she hosted.

Ever since she was a little girl, the Host of Make Me Laugh and Wild Greens knew that she wanted to be an artist a career. She has put in a lot of time and effort throughout the course of her career to get where she is now. Upon the 2020 release of her album “Thank You,” she felt like a legitimate recording artist.

All About “That’s Mi”

In the coming days, Mi will make her new album, titled “That’s Mi,” which you enjoy anytime since it’s available online. The record will include Mi’s revitalized sound from the summer of 2022.

Speaking of Mi’s fan base, her Instagram is followed by 159K people. With this huge following

The singer-songwriter is known for her amazingly creative music, and her Instagrams don’t let her down. Mi’s Instagram is full of colors since she posts her photographs in amazing outfits with hilariously deep rants as captions.

Want to know more about her? Search on Instagram, follow her, and keep an eye on her upcoming music and designs.

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