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Welcome to the ‘about us’ page of the website TheCelebrity.Online.

Tariq Riaz

An initiative of Tariq Riaz, this website is focused on empowering and highlighting the unsung personalities of Social Media all around the globe that have the potential to change to game in their fields. But, they are not having a platform to bring forward their struggle of life.

Email: Magazine@TheCelebrity.Online

Prachi Gupta An Untold Story

Via this banner ‘TheCelebrity’, Tariq Riaz help to bring forward the micro and medium social media influencers, individuals, students, professionals and anyone who has a view or voice. A forum in the form of TheCelebrity.Online, we provide exposure to the individuals so that they can be seen on ‘Google’ with better PR.

We publish featured articles, news, views and recent trends on various topics.

TheCelebrity.Online: Empowering Indviduals

Pooja Kshirsagar - Cover Photo - TheCelebrity.Online

Moreover, TheCelebrity.Online has no boundaries, and we welcome people all around the world. We run an Influencers & Entrepreneur section where we highlight the potential of people doing good with their business and life.

TheCelebrity.Online aims to give maximum exposure, outreach, and promotion for new enterprises. Our team is willing to filter out the best stories that motivate the reader to maximize their potential.

If you love entrepreneurship and endeavoring to get global reach, then TheCelebrity.Online is the immeasurable platform for you. On this website you can find different topics that includes entrepreneurs and influencers, beauty and fashion, startup, technology, motivation, and much more.

Our Team and Contributors

Ritika Mangla

NameRitika Mangla
Bio RITIKA MANGLA, a quality women of this era is not only a home maker, who organizes and manages her home but also empowers other young ladies and reach out to them to show their talent, innovation and creativity.
Published Articles —> Ritika Mangla

Sameen Shiraz

NameSameen Shiraz
Bio I am a student currently pursuing my master’s and a freelancer as well. I can write on a variety of topics and work on them following all the rules and guidelines. I can writer about 1500-2000 words in a single depending upon the topic provided.
Published Articles —> Sameen Shiraz

Ayesha Malik

NameAyesha Malik
Bio Ayesha Malik is a teacher by day and a writer by night. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics. She is an avid reader and takes pleasure in immersing herself in learning about new and exciting areas. She has earned MS degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Currently she is teaching, guiding and mentoring students.
Published Articles —> Ayesha Malik’s Profile
Contact aysha.naseem.28@gmail.com


Bio Noor-ul-ain is a writer from Sargodha Pakistan. She is 19 year old cheerful and Ambitious girl. She has a deep and sensitive approach towards her surrounding and society. She grasps the topic from real lives and crave them into piece of writings.
Published Articles —> NoorUlAin’s Profile
Contact abular12345@gmail.com


Bio Mehreen does quality content writing and her goal is to provide value for the money and for that she started discovering topics that are needed to discussed and talked! So that the world will know the reality. Writing actually transforms the way of her thinking and reading is a element which furnishes it further. She can be reached via her email: mehreenahsanmps@gmail.com
Published Articles —> Mehreen Ahsan’s Profile
Contact mehreenahsanmps@gmail.com

Aroosha Chawdhary

NameAroosha Chawdhary
Bio In The Realm of Possibility, Aroosha explores the exact path to how to change “Impossible” into “The possible” by exploring herself and positivity and introducing it to others. Aroosha is a trained content writer and she knows how to deal with the modern needs.
Published Articles —> Aroosha Chawdhary’s Profile

Juwairia Malyk

NameJuwairia Malyk
Bio Juwairia Malyk is passionate about writing articles that can make things a bit easier for others. She is good at controversial topics that are hard to understand for many people. As part of her college coursework, she has been honing her writing abilities by engaging in writing assignments. She is eager to learn new things. From Abbottabad, Pakistan, she is a student at Comsats University.
Published Articles —> Javeria Malyk’s Profile
Contact Juwijerry@gmail.com – Instagram: @itzz_juwairia__

Amber Moazzam

NameAmber Moazzam
PhotoAmber Moazzam's Author Profile
Bio Amber Moazzam has done her B.Sc (Hons) from Karachi University in Botany. Amber has been teaching in various schools for about ten years. At present she is a housewife with a passion for reading books, writing poems , articles and short stories is my interest. Amber is quite well versed in English and composition.
Published Articles —> Amber Moazam’s Profile
Contact Amber@thecelebrity.online

Zoya Fatima

NameZoya Fatima
Bio She has always been inspired by human mind and the influence it has on their lives. Her aim is to help people in controlling their thinking patterns which will shape their lives in a positive way. She believes that a lot of individual and social problems can be solved only if we solve the psychological perspective behind them.
Published Articles —> Zoya Fatima’s Profile
Contact fzoya0673@gmail.com

Mahnoor Adnan

NameMahnoor Adnan
Bio Mahnoor Adnan is an energetic freelance content writer by profession. She love travelling and painting in her leisure.
Published Articles —> Mahnoor Adnan’s Profile
Contact Mahnoor.rao4@gmail.com

Sumaiya Rashid

Name Sumaiya Rashid
Bio I am Sumaiya. I am a BBA student at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University. I enjoy writing as a hobby and freelancing.
I love experiencing and learning new things. I educate, refine, and drive myself to be a better person everyday.
Published Articles —> Sumaiya Rashid’s Profile
Contact sumaiyarashid355@gmail.com

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